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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

The following FAQs have been created as a resource for students to answer commonly asked questions about NSCC's student awards. All students are encouraged to read the student awards policy and procedures to gain a full understanding of the awards process. 

How are NSCC student awards funded?

Most student awards are established through the NSCC Foundation. Donors include employees, current students, alumni, board members, service clubs, corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, foundations, individuals and others.

I'm applying/plan to apply to NSCC. When can I apply for student awards?

To be eligible to login and apply for NSCC Student Awards, you must be a current student or have confirmed your seat in your program.

I'm having issues logging in to the Student Awards Portal. Where do I go for help?
  • Click the “Sign In” button under Students
  • Enter in the username field
  • Enter your NSCC password in the password field
Still having problems? Contact NSCC at 1-877-491-6774 (press 4). Support is available 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday. 

If I need assistance with my application, where do I go for help?

There are many places to go for assistance with your student awards application:
  • Your Student Services Advisor
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Your Peers
  • Faculty/Instructor
  • Student Awards Office
My enrolment status has changed since I applied for awards (i.e. changed program, program delivery, campus, etc.). What should I do?

The Student Awards Portal is updated regularly to adjust student information as changes occur. If you have changed your program, campus, or have moved from full-time to part-time status, you should login and view your awards to see new awards that appear on your list. You will be considered for any applications that have already been submitted should you still be eligible. If you have already submitted an application and are no longer eligible, you will be removed from consideration. Be sure to update your budget accordingly. 

I'm being sponsored by ENS and/or Dept of Community Services. How will a student award affect this sponsorship?

You are encouraged to speak with your caseworker to determine what effect, if any, a student award will have on your overall sponsorship. 

I am not from Nova Scotia. Can I apply for student awards?

Yes. Our Student Awards Portal will take into account your citizenship status and other personal information to determine which awards you are eligible for and will deliver them to your awards account. 

I encountered an error after filling out my budget form. How do I fix this?

When filling out your budget form, make sure you input numbers and decimal points only. Special characters and commas (i.e. $1,100) will render an error on your budget form. You are encouraged to review your budget form before submitting it to ensure that special characters and commas have not been used. If you are still receiving an error after reviewing your budget form, please submit a Service Desk ticket.

How are recipients chosen?

Student awards are selected in a number of different ways, depending on award type. Refer to the student awards policy and procedures for more details. 

What is the timeline for the selection process?

In general, our goal is to communicate awards outcomes within 6-8 weeks. However, you are encouraged to check your awards account on a regular basis as your award status will appear. 

How will I be notified if I'm selected/unsuccessful with an award application?

If selected for an award, your awards account will be updated to indicate your application status. If you are selected, you will receive an email notification at your preferred email address that action is required. An award offer and any required acceptance tasks must be completed within 30 days. If you are unsuccessful, the status of your application will change to 'Unsuccessful Application' in your awards account and you will receive an email notification at your preferred email address. 

Is there a cap on the number of student awards I can receive?

No student shall receive NSCC Student Awards in excess of the cost of core tuition and mandatory College fees in any given academic year, with the exception of those students who meet requirements for awards with restrictive criteria or those students selected for sponsorship programs and/or campus based awards. The Student Awards Office will make every effort, where possible, to avoid such occurrences.

What time do awards close on the day of the deadline?

Unless otherwise stated, awards close at 11:59pm on the day of the deadline. However, please note that after 4pm there is no support available from NSCC should it be required. Any issues that prevent submission of an application after 4pm on the day of an awards deadline are at the sole responsibility of the applicant. 

If I'm selected for a student award, how are the funds distributed?

Any student award that has been obtained by and held by the NSCC Foundation will be governed by the student awards policy. This includes any external student award that makes their funding payable to the NSCC Foundation. All student awards shall be applied directly to the recipient’s NSCC student account in the following manner:

Spring Awards

Student Awards received in the Spring will be issued in two equal installments:
  • One installment will be applied to the recipient's NSCC student account in September; and
  • One installment will be applied to the recipient's NSCC student account in January.
Fall Awards

Student awards received in the Fall will be issued in full to the recipient's NSCC student account in January.

Once the student award credit is issued, it will be applied to tuition, fees and any other costs assessed and/or expenses collected by NSCC. Refer to the student awards policy and procedures for more details. 

Why do I need to submit my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

NSCC is required to issue T4As to all students who have received student awards valued at $500 or more cumulatively within the calendar year. NSCC issues the T4A slips in mid-February each year. To comply with Canada Revenue Agency, all student award recipients will be required to submit their Social Insurance Numbers to NSCC prior to the award being issued.

I received an award, but I am withdrawing from my program. What should I do?

Refer to the student awards policy and procedures for details or contact the Student Awards Office. 

I am deferring my seat in a program and I have received a student award. What should I do?

Awards can only be deferred for medical reasons. These must be requested and will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the respective donor. 

I'm in receipt of a student award and I am a Nova Scotia student loan borrower. How should I inform Nova Scotia Student Assistance about my award? 

To report your award information to Nova Scotia Student Assistance, use the “Ask Us” feature inside MyPATH and provide the following details:
  • Amount
  • Source - NSCC
  • Date
  • Value of award

The status of my award submission was unsuccessful and I received an email indicating it was declined. At a later date, I received an offer for the award. How come I was declined and then offered the award?

From time to time, awards are offered to students and then revoked because they no longer meet the eligibility criteria. In these instances, awards can sometimes be re-offered to other students from the original application pool.

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