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Applying for Awards

Process at a Glance (step by step instructions below)

Accessing the Portal

To access the portal, use your NSCC login credentials. This would be your w student number plus, and your password.

Once logged in to the Student Awards Portal, you will be directed to your Account page. This is your primary destination in the Student Awards Portal.

Your Account page will show:
  • your in-progress award applications;
  • your submitted award applications; and
  • the status of each of those submissions.

Getting Started (Watch the video tutorial for this section here).

Consent to Disclosure of Information

The Consent to Disclosure of Information task is mandatory You must read and complete it before applying for awards. It is important that you understand how your information will be used before agreeing to this disclosure. Your preferred email address will appear in this section as a reminder that all automated communications sent from the Student Awards Portal will be directed to this address. 

Upon agreeing to the terms of the Consent to Disclosure of Information, a list of awards will appear in your account based on information you provided to NSCC in your admissions application.

Student Profile & Budget

The Student Profile task and the Budget task are voluntary. Completing these will broaden your list of awards as both will help our student awards system match you to awards for which this information is a component of the eligibility criteria.

Review your Student Profile and Budget regularly and update them as your life circumstances change. 

Reviewing Your Eligible Awards 

Begin your review of eligible awards by selecting the View Awards button at the bottom of your account page.

The number of awards you are eligible for will display at the top of the results page.

You can choose to filter the list of awards by status. You can filter your selection alphabetically or by application deadline. Take note of any awards that are not currently open so that you can return to the Student Awards Portal and apply.

To apply for an award, choose the Apply Now button or click the checkbox to the left of each award. Select the Create Submissions button at the bottom of the page. 

Click the View my list button to return to your account page at any time. 

As you scroll through the list of awards, you can click on each one to read more about the donor, the eligibility requirements, what you must demonstrate in the application, the value, and the number of awards that are available. 

Please note: Make sure to take note of the number of pages of results and proceed to the next page(s) if there are any.

Applying for Awards

Once you finish your review, your selected awards will appear under Your Awards on your account page.

Each award will include the following details:
  • A unique application ID number (S-123456)
  • The name of the award
  • The deadline to apply 
  • The status of your application
  • Action required for your application
  • An option to edit or view your applicant tasks (you will only be able to edit if you have not yet submitted the application)
To apply for an award on your list, select the Edit button next to the award. The application page will display the applicant tasks that are required for that award.

Applicant tasks may include:  
  • Screening Questions – awards with specific eligibility criteria not yet confirmed will contain a screening question. You must answer this question first to ensure you are eligible for the award. You will be asked to withdraw your submission if you are not eligible to apply.
  • Essays - you can complete your essay(s) online or in a word document and then paste them into the text boxes provided. Download your completed essays in case you want to refer to them later after your application has been archived.
  • Recommendations - for instructions on submitting a recommendation, refer to the Asking for a Recommendation section of this Help Centre.
In some cases, your essay(s) may already be completed based on previous submissions. You may choose to re-use the essay(s) as is or make changes. 

Applying for Awards that Require a Video Upload

For some awards, you will be asked to upload a video as part of your application. Before creating your video, consider the following tips:
  • be creative
  • be concise with your messaging
  • avoid wearing branded clothing or having brands appear on camera
  • avoid using copyrighted music
  • there is no specified length (unless otherwise indicated)
Videos must not contain material which is (or promotes activities which are) sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, offensive, threatening, or profane.

The following file types are supported:
  • AVI (preferred)
  • Quicktime (.mov)
  • MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4)
  • Windows Media (.wmv)
  • Flash Video (.flv, .f4v)
Videos uploaded must be smaller than 1000MB in size. 

How to upload your video:
  • Upload the video file from your computer, tablet or mobile device by clicking on Browse for a file.

Once uploaded, you will receive a message stating:

"We are currently preparing this video for playback. Please check back in a few minutes."

Click on the Back button. It will take approximately 15 minutes for the video to be viewable for playback. It is highly recommended that you wait to review your video before submitting it. Once you are able to view your uploaded video, click on Submit Application Materials.

Please note: Video submissions may be used by donor for promotional purposes.

If an award requires the completion of a video but you do not have the capability to create one, please contact for support. 

Submitting Your Application

Once the applicant tasks are completed, choose the Submit Application Materials button and verify that your application status has changed to Complete in your account. You will receive a confirmation email to your preferred email address. 

Please note: many awards are based solely on financial need. Once you complete your budget, these awards will be added automatically to your awards account. You need only to submit your application to be considered for these awards.

Monitoring Your Award Status

Stay informed about the status of your awards application by accessing the Student Awards Portal. As awards are selected, the status of your application will change from Complete to Under Review to Awarded or Unsuccessful